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Check Facebook for more information on all of the horses, as well as more pictures and videos on the rescues and our daily routines with life at our little rescue! Life is never regular or routine with our fanciful group of horses and their silly actions, playful attitudes and mischievous behavior. LOL!!! Watch and see!!!, Inc.

Deb Collings - Desert Pines Horse Rescue

Stay up to date with some of the fun, hillarious and silly things happening at Desert Pines Horse Rescue with our small assortment of rescue horses. Life is a game f​or happy, healthy horses and they will find anything they can to get into or play with! Watch and see!! LOL!!!

Beyond Your Dreams. Within Your Reach.

Do you have a loving, caring heart for horses?

Have you ever wanted to adopt/purchase a rescue horse and didn't really know where to start?  

Email us with your contact information, and we'll walk you through the entire process of what is required to be a successful horse owner.   

Donations are always, always welcome! 

Our Horse Rescue Services

A Horse Rescue Where You And Your Horse Will Feel At Home.

Rescue - Evaluation

Each rescue horse selected has a complete evaluation done including the breed type, height, weight, coloring, markings, body condition, training and more.

Rehabilitation - Horse Care

Every horse is evaluated by a veterinarian and set up on a complete nutrition program, has a chiropractic adjustment, teeth floated and hoof care done.

Retraining - New Training

Once the horse is physically and mentally ready to be trained, they are gentled, and handled by a variety of people and set up for success with their new owners!  

Re-homing - Adopting

Rescue horses instinctively know they have a new chance at life and eagerly look forward to living that new life with you! Adopt/purchase your new horse today!!!

Horse Rescue is a Profession for those with lots of Time, Patience, Love and Hope!

Each Rescue Horse selected is brought to the facility where they are given a complete evaluation of their body, with height and weight measurements, color, marking, scars, tattoo's, body score, teeth and hoof check and finally an evaluation on any training done. Once the evaluation is completed and the horse is gentled, a veterinarian examines the horse for the best nutritional plan. We administer the necessary shots, worming paste or pellets, teeth are floated if necessary for better chewing and hooves trimmed. Chiropractic adjustments are also completed when necessary. Each horse goes through the entire Rehabilitation with a top line nutrition program is a must for the success of each horse. Retraining begins as soon as the horse is physically and mentally able to work. Each horse has a specific training program designed for them depending upon each horse's specific needs. Finally, the Re-homing process begins for qualified applicants of each one of the horses. Every horse is set up to be successful in their next career with a chance to live full lives for their new owners. I assist each new horse owner with a full sheet of information about the horses they are adopting beginning with the nutrition, hay, grain, supplements, horse wormers' used, all the way through the training completed so that each individual will have full success with their newly adopted horse. This non-profit will give all of the new horse owners and the rescue horses animals a second chance at living a full life!!!  

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