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For The Love Of Horses

Every horse has a story just like we do! Some stories are happy and some stories are sad. At Desert Pines Horse Rescue our goal is to create a lot of happy stories with each one of the horses, including the volunteers that work with the horses, and create happy stories with you! As new owners/adopters, we teach you everything you need to know about your new rescue horse before you take your horse home! 

Happy horse... happy life!!!

Our Story

We love every minute of our journey

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple. We Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Re-home Horses! We select specific horses to rescue and place them into a full rehabilitation program. As soon as the horses are physically and mentally able to learn, we put them into an extensive training program to overcome many mental and physical issues. Finally, we re-home them. Great new loving homes are selected for each horse with you and your new horse as a matching pair. Your new horse will be a very willing partner and your new best friend! 

Our Vision

Our vision is to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and re-home as many horses as possible in the coming years. Every horse wants and needs your love, care, and attention and in return they give you their full love and attention as a willing partner and your best friend. Let's work together to find as many homes for these horses as possible. 

Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction focuses upon the horses with their ability to change, adapt and learn new skills that will provide them with great new homes as your willing partner and friend. Our strategic direction is also focused upon you and your willingness to donate, volunteer,  and adopt/purchase these beautiful horses!!! Thank you for caring!!!

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