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Welcome to Desert Pines Horse Rescue, Inc.
EIN #83-1340004 

We are a small, private nonprofit 501(c)3 horse rescue established August 10th, 2018 to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain, and rehome specific troubled horses by establishing a loving trust between the horses and humans again, in order to provide them them with the physical and mental ability to have that perfect heart loving home. This takes a great deal of time, patience and love along with a great deal of money...
Fundraisers and donations are gratefully accepted through Facebook/Meta Instagram, PayPal, Zelle and Venmo or mail.
We also have an Amazon wish list and a Chewy's wish list for those who would like to donate products instead of money!
100% of all donations goes directly to the care of the horses! 
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Donate today!!! A rescue horse is depending on you to make a difference in their lives!!! 

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We have a heart healing horse for you!!! 

All of our rescue horses are given lots of love, and enriched with a sense of worthiness, well being and genuine happiness!!!


The new skills they acquire will provide them with a fuller, richer, and happier life with an eagerness to learn more and experience more!!!

Desert Pines Horse Rescue Adoption/Sale Questionnaire


Thank you for your interest in adopting/purchasing your new horse from Desert Pines Horse Rescue.

Please complete the following questionnaire to assist us in finding your perfect heart horse.


Date ___________________________


Personal Information

Name ___________________________________________________________ Age _________________

                (Parent/Legal Guardian of Minor under 21 years old)

Name____________________________________________________________Age _________________

                (Minor under 21 years old)

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

City______________________________________________             State _____________       Zip __________

Phone_____________________________________________ Alternate Phone ______________________



Financial Information

Where do you work? _______________________________What is your occupation? ________________

Do you work full-time, part-time, or are you self-employed? _____________________________________

If self-employed, please describe your profession. _____________________________________________

What is your household's total income? ______________________________________________________

Who will be paying for the care of the adopted horse? ________________________________________­­__

How much do you estimate your cost per year will be to own your adopted horse?_________________________________________________________________________________


You and Your Potential Adopted Horse

Why do you want to adopt a rescue horse? ___________________________________________________


What qualities would you like to have in a horse? (age, color, sex, size, temperament) _________________


What style and level of riding would you like to achieve? ________________________________________


How often would you like to ride your horse? _________________________________________________

Will you be asking/allowing anyone else to ride your new horse? If yes, please describe their riding experience? ____________________________________________________________________________


What is your overall goal for your new horse? _________________________________________________


Are you interested in a specific horse? Please list the horse's name and describe why you would like this specific horse? _________________________________________________________________________

When would you like to adopt your new horse? _______________________________________________

What is the rider(s) height and weight? ______________________________________________________


Horse Experience and History

Do you have horse experience? If so, describe your experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? ______ ______________________________________________________________________________________

Have you owned a horse before? If so, describe your ownership length, strengths, weaknesses and abilities in caring for your horse? _________________________________________________________________


Do you currently own a horse? If so, please describe your horse(s)? _______________________________


What style of riding (western/dressage/endurance/driving, etc. do you practice? ______________________   ______________________________________________________________________________________

How many years have you been riding? ______________________________________________________

How would you rate your riding ability? _____________________________________________________

What breeds of horses have you ridden and handled? ___________________________________________


Do you have experience with training green horses? If yes, Please explain? _________________________


Have you ever trained a horse? _____________________________________________________________

Have you ever hired a professional horse trainer? If so, please describer your experience with your trainer?


Do you have a trainer working with you now? If yes, please provide their name and contact information? ______________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever sold a horse? If so, why did you sell your horse and do you still have contact with the new owner? _______________________________________________________________________________

Are you considering the adoption of a mare for breeding purposes? _______________________________

If yes, describe your experience with breeding horses and foaling? Do you follow their life paths? _______ ______________________________________________________________________________________


Please complete the following information regarding your veterinarian and farrier...

Reference Information

Veterinarian Name_______________________________________________________________________

Veterinarian Address _________________________________________City ________State ___Zip _____

Veterinarian Contact Number(s) ____________________________________________________________

Veterinarian Email Address ____________________________________Fax Number _________________


Farrier Name___________________________________________________________________________

Farrier Address ______________________________________________City ________State ___Zip ____

Farrier Contact Number(s) ________________________________________________________________

Farrier Email Address _________________________________________Fax Number ________________


Boarding or Private Facility Information

Please provide the name, address and phone number of the boarding facility or private farm where the horse will stay. _________________________________________________________________________
Who owns the facility? ___________________________________________________________________

Do you live at the facility? ________________________________________________________________

Have you had horses at this facility before? ___________________________________________________

Will the manager/owner of the stable be willing to sign a form stating they will contact us... if you are late paying a bill or are not properly caring for the horse? ___________________________________________


If you DO NOT live at the facility, what is the monthly board fee? What does it cover? ________________


If you DO live at this facility, what do you anticipate paying a month to care for the horse? _____________


How many horses are currently at the facility? ________________________________________________

Will the horse have a stall and/or paddock? ______ What are the stall/paddock dimensions? ____________

How many stalls are in the barn? ___________________________________________________________

If your horse will have a stall, how many hours per day do you plan to have him/her stalled? ____________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

How often and how many hours per day will your horse be turned out? _____________________________


Does the facility have pasture? If yes, how many TOTAL acres? __________________________________

What type of fencing surrounds the pasture/paddock? Please describe in detail (type of material, # of rails/ strands, height). _________________________________________________________________________

How many other horses will be turned out with your new horse? __________________________________

Are mares and geldings kept separate or mixed? _______________________________________________

Who will be responsible for turning out your horse? ____________________________________________

Email completed Adoption/Sale Application/Contract to DesertPinesHorse

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