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Desert Pines Horse Rescue Adoption Application 

Desert Pines Horse Rescue Adoption/Sale Application/Contract


$100 Non-refundable Deposit - Payable to Desert Pines Horse Rescue


Date ___________________________


Personal Information


Name _____________________________________________       Age _________________

            (Parent/Legal Guardian of Minor under 21 years old)

Name_____________________________________________        Age _________________

            (Minor under 21 years old)


City_____________________________________ State ____________ Zip ______________

Phone___________________________________ Alternate Phone _____________________


Alternate/Emergency Contact Name______________________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone Number(s) ____________________________________________


Adopted Horses' Information


Name _____________________________ Age _______________ Color(s) ______________

Special markings _____________________________________________________________

Existing Training: ____________________________________________________________


Adoption/Sales Fees/Payment

Amount paid $_________________________From Name(s) ___________________to DPHR.


Special note:  There is no time limit in which the adopted horse may be returned to DPHR, free of charge, due to any unforeseen circumstances! Please contact DPHR as soon as possible to make arrangements to transfer the horse back to DPHR. The horse must be in good physical shape and up to date on all vaccinations, farrier services, etc. to be eligible to return.


Transportation for Adopted/Sold Horse ____________________________________________


Existing Nutrition and Care Information ____________________________________________


Nutrition and Care  Information


Who will be responsible for feeding your horse and what type of grain and hay will the horse be fed? _____ ___________________________________________________________________

How many times will your horse be fed each day and where (stall, pasture, etc.)? Please explain. ________ _____________________________________________________________________

How much grain and hay per day do you think the horse will need? _______________________

Will you horse have access to grass pasture and/or fed regularly? If your horse is on pasture with other horses, how will you know if your horse is getting the proper amount of feed?__________


What semi-annual vaccinations and quarterly worming will your horse receive? Please list? ______________________________________________________________________________

What is your planned Farrier schedule? ______________________________________________



Please provide two references (non family) that are aware of your experience with horses and your facility.


Reference One


Address _________________________________________City _________State ___ Zip ______

Contact Number(s)  ______________________________________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________________________


Reference Two


Address _________________________________________City _________State ___ Zip ______

Contact Number(s) ______________________________________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________________________


How did you hear about Desert Pines Horse Rescue? ___________________________________



Adoption Contract Information

The adopter must agree that the adopted horse may not be sold, or transferred privately for a period of one year!  The adopter must agree to submit both written and visual updates on the adopted horse at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months? All of the updates must include the horse’s location, feeding program, veterinarian and farrier information, along with a full description of what the adopted horse has been doing along with full body photos without tack or a blanket.


If you, the adopter cannot or does not wish to continue to care for the adopted horse during that first year, Desert Pines Horse Rescue must be notified immediately for a quick resolution for both you the adopter and your adopted horse.


Adopter's, who successfully complete the one year program with the new horse, will be given a certificate of ownership! In the event your horse is offered for sale at the end of one year, Desert Pines Horse Rescue must be notified with the prospective new owner’s full contact information prior to the sale. We will be happy to facilitate the sale and transfer of ownership with you. However, Desert Pines Horse Rescue reserves the first rights to purchase the horse back if he/she is ever offered for sale or will assist with finding another qualified owner. The adopter must agree that this horse will only be transferred privately and will not be resold at any type of auction, to a known horse broker or a horse dealer, any feed lot, a slaughter destination or for the purpose of tripping or soring, (or any other inhumane act of sport)!!!


In the event the undersigned fails to comply with the terms of this Application and Agreement, Desert Pines Horse Rescue reserves the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the horse, and the undersigned shall be liable for all costs including damages, inclusive of attorney's fees, in connection with such legal proceedings.


____________________________________                            ___________________________________

Adopter (Print Name)                                                                         (Desert Pines Horse Rescue) Seller (Print Name)

____________________________________                            ___________________________________

Adopter Signature                                                                               (Desert Pines Horse Rescue) Seller Signature



Email completed Adoption/Sale Application/Contract to DesertPinesHorse

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