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Email me for an appointment with 24 hours notice to see any of the horses listed for adoption/sale. Masks required! 

Desert Pines Horse Rescue Adoption Application 

Desert Pines Horse Rescue Adoption Application -  $100 Non refundable Deposit  - Payable to Desert Pines Horse Rescue

Date ___________________________

Personal Information

Name ___________________________________________________________ Age _________________

(Parent/Legal Guardian of Minor under 21 years old)

Name____________________________________________________________Age _________________

(Minor under 21 years old)

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

City______________________________________________ State _____________ Zip __________

Phone_____________________________________________ Alternate Phone ______________________


Alternate/Emergency Contact Name_________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone Number(s) _______________________________________________________

What is the rider(s) height and weight? ______________________________________________________

Financial Information

Do you work full-time, part-time, retired, or are you self-employed? _____________________________________

If self-employed, please describe your profession. _____________________________________________

______________________________ ______________________________________________________

Who will be paying for the care of the adopted horse? If yes, explain who and why? __________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

How much do you estimate your cost per year will be to own your adopted horse? Please explain? ______________________________________________________________________________________

Horse Experience and History

Do you have horse experience? If so, describe your experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? ______ ______________________________________________________________________________________


Have you owned a horse before? If so, describe your ownership length, strengths, weaknesses and abilities in caring for your horse? ______________________________________________________________________________________


Do you currently own a horse? If so, please describe your horse(s)? _______________________________


What style of riding (western/dressage/endurance/driving, etc. do you practice? ______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

How many years have you been riding? ______________________________________________________

How would you rate your riding ability? _____________________________________________________

What breeds of horses have you ridden and handled? ___________________________________________


Do you have experience with training green horses? If yes, Please explain? _________________________


Have you ever trained a horse? _____________________________________________________________

Have you ever hired a professional horse trainer? If so, please describer your experience with your trainer? ______________________________________________________________________________________


Do you have a trainer working with you now? If yes, please provide their name and contact information? ______________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever sold a horse? If so, why did you sell your horse and do you still have contact with the new owner? _______________________________________________________________________________

Are you considering the adoption of a mare for breeding purposes? _______________________________

If yes, describe your experience with breeding horses and foaling? Do you follow their life paths? _______ ______________________________________________________________________________________


You and Your Potential Adopted Horse

Why do you want to adopt a rescue horse? ___________________________________________________


What qualities would you like to have in a horse? (age, color, sex, size, temperament) _________________


What style and level of riding would you like to achieve? ________________________________________


How often would you like to ride your rescue horse? _________________________________________________

Will you be asking/allowing anyone else to ride your new horse? If yes, please describe their riding experience? ____________________________________________________________________________


What is your overall goal for your new horse? _________________________________________________


Are you interested in a specific horse? Please list the horse's name and describe why you would like this specific horse? _________________________________________________________________________

When would you like to adopt your new horse? _______________________________________________

Boarding or Private facility Information

Please provide the name, address and phone number of the boarding facility or private farm where the horse will stay. _________________________________________________________________________


Who owns the facility? ___________________________________________________________________

Do you live at the facility? ________________________________________________________________

Have you had horses at this facility before? ___________________________________________________

Will the manager/owner of the stable be willing to sign a form stating they will contact us... if you are late paying a bill or are not properly caring for the horse? ______________________________________________________________________________________


If you DO NOT live at the facility, what is the monthly board fee? What does it cover? ________________


If you DO live at this facility, what do you anticipate paying a month to care for the horse? _____________


How many horses are currently at the facility? ________________________________________________

Will the horse have a stall and/or paddock? ______ What are the stall/paddock dimensions? ____________

How many stalls are in the barn? ___________________________________________________________

If your horse will have a stall, how many hours per day do you plan to have him/her stalled? ____________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

How often and how many hours per day will your horse be turned out? _____________________________


Does the facility have pasture? If yes, how many TOTAL acres? __________________________________

What type of fencing surrounds the pasture/paddock? Please describe in detail (type of material, # of rails/ strands, height). _________________________________________________________________________

How many other horses will be turned out with your new horse? __________________________________

Are mares and geldings kept separate or mixed? _______________________________________________

Who will be responsible for turning out your horse? ____________________________________________

Nutrition and Care Information

Who will be responsible for feeding your horse and what type of grain and hay will the horse be fed? _____ ______________________________________________________________________________________

How many times will your horse be fed each day and where (stall, pasture, etc.)? Please explain. ________


How much grain and hay per day do you think the horse will need? ________________________________

Will your horse have access to grass pasture and/or fed regularly? _________________________________

If your horse is on pasture with other horses, how will you know if your horse is getting the proper amount of feed? _______________________

What semi-annual vaccinations and quarterly worming will your horse receive? Please list? ____________


What is your planned Farrier schedule? ______________________________________________________

Reference Information

Veterinarian Name_______________________________________________________________________

Veterinarian Address _________________________________________City ________State ___Zip _____

Veterinarian Contact Number(s) ____________________________________________________________

Veterinarian Email Address ____________________________________Fax Number _________________

Farrier Name___________________________________________________________________________

Farrier Address ______________________________________________City ________State ___Zip ____

Farrier Contact Number(s) ________________________________________________________________

Farrier Email Address _________________________________________Fax Number ________________

Please provide two references (non family) that are aware of your experience with horses and your facility.

Reference One


Address ____________________________________________________City _________State ___Zip ___

Contact Number(s) ______________________________________________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________________________________

Reference Two


Address ____________________________________________________City _________State ___Zip ___

Contact Number(s) ______________________________________________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________________________________

How did you hear about Desert Pines Horse Rescue? _________________________________________


Adoption Contract Information

Remember: This is your heart horse! Your forever horse! Your life long friend and partner!

The adopter must agree that the adopted horse may not be sold, or transferred privately for a period of one year! We would appreciate an update with pictures on your adopted horse at 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months? Please include the horse’s location, feeding program, veterinarian and farrier information, along with a full description of what the adopted horse has been doing, including full body photos without tack or a blanket. 

We would love to share your success stories with others! 

If you, the adopter cannot or does not wish to continue to care for the adopted horse during that first year, Desert Pines Horse Rescue must be notified immediately for a quick resolution for both you the adopter and the adopted horse. 

However, Desert Pines Horse Rescue reserves the first rights to purchase the horse back if he/she is ever offered for sale or will assist with finding another qualified owner. The adopter must agree that this horse will only be transferred privately and will not be resold at any type of auction, to a known horse broker or a horse dealer, any feed lot, a slaughter destination or for the purpose of tripping or soring, meat to eat, (or any other inhumane act of sport)!!!

In the event the undersigned fails to comply with the terms of this Application and Agreement, Desert Pines Horse Rescue reserves the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the horse, and the undersigned shall be liable for all costs including damages, inclusive of attorney's fees, in connection with such legal proceedings. 

If the Board of Directors finds the adopted horse is not being cared for properly, (loss of weight, lack of water, lack of care, abuse, neglect, legitimate reasons only, etc.)  [Law enforcement and Animal Welfare Services will be contacted in regard to the proper care of the horse, if  we are not contacted for the proper care/placement  of the horse!] 

Desert Pines Horse Rescue will take ownership of the adopted horse, only if necessary, to place in another loving home! 

Remember: This is your heart horse! Your forever horse! Your life long friend and partner!

Adopter's, who successfully complete the one year program with the new rescue horse, will be given a certificate of ownership! In the event your horse is offered for sale at the end of one year, Desert Pines Horse Rescue must be notified with the prospective new owner’s full contact information prior to the sale. We will be happy to facilitate the sale and transfer of ownership with you.


Adopter (Print Name) (Desert Pines Horse Rescue) Seller (Print Name)


Adopter Signature(Desert Pines Horse Rescue) Seller Signature 

Email completed form to

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